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O hanacke podsalek 2007 Przygotowania

Informacje o turnieju

  • Organizator turnieju: Frkot
  • Termin: 29-30 Wrzesień 2007

Playing fields: Slatinice near Olomouc, Czech Republic
GPS Loc: 49°33'41.59"N,17°5'59.71"E
Dinner and party near the playing fields

Some important information
• sleeping – on the grass fields in own tents
• there are hot showers at the fields and toiletes
• please bring your own cutlery, plates, cups
• food & drinks: there is a pub near the fields, where you can get low-priced drinks

Spots for nations:
Czech: 5 Austria: 4 Hungary: 2 Slovakia: 2 Poland: 1 Slovenia: 1

Saturday September 29th 2007
Breakfast from 8 am to 9 am at the fields
8:40 am - Captains meeting at the fields
9:00 am first games start
approx. 19:30 last games end
18.30 – 21:30 dinner in the pub near to fields
after dinner: get-together in the pub or by the fire outside; look forward to live music

Sunday September 30th 2007
Breakfast from 8:00 am to 9:00 am at the fields
09:00 first games start
Award ceremony takes place according to the number of registrated teams

Rules and games
The 2007 WFDF Ultimate rules will be in effect. Please make sure that your team understands the
new rules – finally, knowing the rules is a part of the rules (rule 1.3.1, to be precise ☺). Rue Veitl,
WFDF Ultimate Committee chair, has provided a summary of the major changes at this

Games are 50 min in main pools and 60 minutes in cross and placing games.

Kraky (Zdenek Krakora) +420603426048, zc.murtnec|arokark.kenedz#zc.murtnec|arokark.kenedz, skype: kraky13, ICQ 324181027

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